Dhaka commerce college library exits from the very beginning of the college and serving effectively to its clientele. The library contains every ingredients of a modern library. The library user can have the facilities in two different ways. They can use the library or they can use Seminar library. There are nine-seminar libraries which are attached to the concern department, apart from the library. The functions and activities of these seminar libraries are guided by the central library.

Layout: The library has a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. It has a wide & large stock area of 4500 sq. feet, Circulation section, Acquisition and processing section, Reference area, separate reading room of 2100 sq. feet for teacher and students. the library is fully air-conditioned.

User: All the students, teachers, officers and staff of the college can use the library. To use the library they need to produce library card.

Library services: Reader services, Reference services and CAS services are provided to all the users. SDI is provided to teachers (need based).

Library hour: The library remains open from 8 am. to 5 pm.Without any interruption of all working days.

Collection: The total collection of the college is about 40,000. The present collections of library (excluding seminar libraries) are Book 20,600 a good collection of Magazine and Journal. A wide collection of Reference books, News papers are also preserved, and each of the seminar libraries has collection of 1500 to 3000 books.